100 Days of Code

Learning How to Program and Write Practical Applications

Day 0: Getting Ready

I've joined the 100 Days of Code challenge.

That was my public declaration. It's easier for me to write that here than to hop on Twitter and tell the world that I am making a public declaration about committing to coding for at least one hour before I put my head on my pillow for that nightly recharge we call, "sleep."

Q: Why are You Here? A: It's on my Bucket List

I have an immediate need for an application, a reason to start this. And while other people have solved the problem my app will solve, I am going to use this problem to learn how to code. And it will make BB's life easier.

Current State of My Skillset

I come to this with some skills but they are unused and old to say the least. And there was that multiple year foray into WordPress (which I love) but that only made my skills softer (WordPress is ridiculously easy to set-up and use). So here is the current skills assessment:

  • HTML: rusty
  • CSS: GAAAH (Grid and media queries).
  • Perl: Does anyone still use that? Forget it - I probably can't even ad hoc my way through Perl, or PHP.

Over the past week I have been dusting off my front end skills. I actually opened up and started using Visual Code Studio, months after asking Twitter this:

A few days ago I built this little template based on HTML5 Boilerplate. While I took comfort in the familiar tags, I am very much aware of where HTML and I parted ways - and shocked to learn "Dive into HTML5" author, Mark Pilgrim, shut down his website (it was rumored he committed "digital suicide" and departed the digital world. In fact, he is working with Brave Software, the company that developed the Brave browser, a battery-saving, Privacy-focused browser).

I've been reading about media queries at CSS Tricks and went through Using Media Queries by the Mozilla Developer Network. My hurdle was wrapping my brain around the difference between responsive design and having to change a design because of a different viewport. Media queries to the rescue. I thoroughly enjoyed this breakthrough because I was avoiding it for a long time.

I've missed Web Development. I've missed reading articles from people who enjoyed the intricacies of HTML and CSS, the honorable quest of whitehat SEO and the need for analysis of results. So I am already very grateful for this return to the www part of the internet spectrum.

DAY 0 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 1 of my 100 Days of Code.

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