100 Days of Code

Learning How to Program and Write Practical Applications

Day 1: Why I Joined the 100 Days of Code Challenge

During the last quarter of 2018, I was reading Austin Tackaberry's re-cap of his 9 month career-changing journey from newbie to Software Engineer on Medium. I was in-between tasks that day and in need of a pick-me-up read. My email inbox had been inundated with "Learn to Code" promos - everything from free Python courses to Harvard's online Computer Science class CS50 beckoned. So down the rabbit hole I went.

Ah the Days of Yore

Every now and then I would get nostalgic about coding and that "full stack developer" lifestyle I envisioned. I left web development several years ago to pursue other career interests. Invariably, I'd bump up against some repetitious task that begged to be automated. And I'd start day-dreaming about learning to code.

The Squeaky Wheels Get the Grease

grumpy cat by FuYong Hua
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BB was doing their usual complaining about computer programmers while trying to input data online. Since it is part of their job, it must get done. And since the U.S. government requires this data, it has to get done correctly. And invariably, being the anti-computer crusader they are, there tends to be a lot of friction between BB and this particular website. And much ranting about computer programmers...

My mission is to save BB from themself and make their world a rosier place.

Part of the issue they face is that this government website does not allow a User to save all of the (repetitive) data required. But a local app can certainly do so and that app can then interface with this government site. And that is what must be done to have Peace in The Universe (or at least our home.

Day 1 Progress

I decided to follow Free Code Camp's Curriculum. I made a donation to the Non-Profit and started at the beginning with their Responsive Web Design Certification Course.

The first two of seven modules are refreshers for me as I am catching up with changes that have been made over the past several years. It is a good way to ease in and feel good about making progress before delving into the remaining five modules of their first Certification Course. Naturally, there is a Project at the end.

Today I completed the "Basic HTML and HTML5" module. This is a multi-screen, quick introduction to basic HTML and does not include any styling with CSS - that's next!

DAY 1 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 2 of my 100 Days of Code.

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