100 Days of Code

Learning How to Program and Write Practical Applications

Day 10: Thinking about my Opinionated Design Philosophy

Now that I am up and running on something other than a Mac, I can get back to these 100 Days of Code. I've been giving thought to Web Accessibility since I learned how to implement features for screen readers earlier this week.

Designing for More than Just The Mean

I've decided to incorporate as many accessibility features as I can in every website I build going forward. Right now, I don't know all of the HTML and CSS I need to implement this opinionated design philosophy. But I know I want to learn.

The Golden Rule and Patrul Rinpoche are The Why

"Treat others as you would like to be treated," is familiar to many raised in a typical Judao-Christian culture. Following this, I would like to have access to information and functions at any website I visit. Therefore, I would like to offer the same to anyone who visits a site i have developed. The Golden Rule starts with self and extends outward.

Next, imagine if, for just one day, you acted only after asking yourself if that action - whatever it is - is for the benefit of all beings. The implication here is to separate that which benefits me or you from that which benefits all. By doing so, we can separate that which is selfishly motivated from that which serves more than just me or you.

I'm not opposed to selfishness. And this is not a judgement against you or me. There are plenty of times when I act selfishly. But right now I'm talking about a burgeoning opinionated design philosophy that incorporates Accessibility based on an intention that extends beyond me. "For the benefot of all Beings" starts with Others and extends inward.

Day 10 Progress

DAY 10 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 11 of my 100 Days of Code.

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