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Day 3: Success! Basic CSS Module Complete

After losing time I can never get back yesterday, I doubled down this morning and finished FreeCodeCamp's Basic CSS module. It's worth repeating that hanging out on Twitter, lurking on Reddit, skimming Intagram or posting on Facebook does not get me any closer to making BB's life easier. Knowing the time is gone and wasted really bothers me.

What's Old is New

what is old is new again like this library filled with books by janko ferlic
Photo by unsplash-logoJanko Ferlič

Something very important happened today during the Basic CSS module: I learned something new.

Although I've been away from web work for several years, the basics of CSS sort of stay with me. But today I came across something basic that I never knew and it was like finding an Easter Egg. My TIL is CSS Variables. Bonus Points for FreeCodecamp!

Day 3 Progress

  • Completed Basic CSS

DAY 3 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 4 of my 100 Days of Code.

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