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Day 5: Success! Applied Accessibilty Module Complete

Accessibility Matters

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Another day of the 100 Days of Code challenge and my learning continues. FreeCodeCamp's Applied Accessiblity module exposes the many ways we as Developers can make webpages more accessible and more inclusive - so people can access information as they want or need to. Knowing how to do this now, I need to refactor this website template for everyone who wants to read it or hear it. Boy do I have lots to learn.

Today I Learned

I also gleaned a tip on how to build in that accessibility: write your HTML structure first. Don't do any CSS styling or naming of ID's or Classes. By doing structure first, you can put a template out faster and test it. The you can see where you might need HTML5 tags like Article, Section or Audio and where you may need more inclusive accessibility.

FreeCodeCamp Curriculum Organization

FreeCodeCamp has a nice list of the Modules and Challenges in their Curriculum. This is great because I will need to reference the Applied Accessiblity list when I refactor this template.

Day 5 Progress

  • Completed FreeCode Camp's Applied Accessibility module
  • Refactored this template to include access keys for Navigation at top
  • Journaled and posted my progress

DAY 5 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 6 of my 100 Days of Code.

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