100 Days of Code

Learning How to Program and Write Practical Applications

Day 8: Reading and MacBook Crash

I didn't have a lot of time today to do much so I planned to read about Javascript and Web Accessibility before sitting down to code.

MacBook Pro Defies Gravity

I think you know how that ends. The protective screen itself did not crack. The LCD, however, did.

Lately I have been using my laptop, on my lap, on top of one of those cushy laptop desks you can get at IKEA. They're great for mobility and changing locations. I can work anywhere in the house. This evening, I was holed up in my bedroom and had just finished reading. Zelda was asleep on the bed, the house was quiet and I was ready to continue working on Project 1 of FreeCodeCamp's Responsive Web Design Certification requirements.

But I needed a snack first. So I slid the laptop desktop, with my MacBook on top of it, over to the big, green body pillow that paralled the side of the bed. That long pillow is a little lumpy and mishapen but I thought nothing of it and got up. From the kitchen, I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor. I knew immediately what had happened. And I cringed knowing I had left the MacBook screen up and open.

Running into the bedroom and picking up my laptop, a fleeting thought ran through my mind... Perhaps it would be alright... But no. The monitor had lines running up the right side. Almost half the image was hidden by horizontal lines running along the bottom of the monitor. Everything worked - I just couldn't see anything. Suddenly, I felt tired.

I ended my 8th day in a funk, posting on Twitter my ill-fortune.

Day 8 Progress

  • A setback as my MacBook broke

DAY 8 can be put to rest. ...Until tomorrow: DAY 9 of my 100 Days of Code.

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