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User Stories: The Do's and Dont's of Portfolios

Aastha Gaur's Portfolio Advice

Getting straight to the point in her series of tweets, Aastha Gaur gives us actionable info. Every one of her tweets can be used as a User Story to hone your portfolio. Work on them one at a time and you won't be overwhelmed.

1. Make sure your Problem Solving Patterns are on Display in Your Coding Portfolio

I might even go so far as to name those patterns. My favorite is brute force.

2. Be Creative with your Portfolio Thumbnails

When I am looking at video playlists or podcast playlists, I gravitate toward the ones who have thumbnails that, at a glance, give me information about that video or episode. Do the same with your Portfolio Thumbnails.

3. Create a sense of Organization and Cohesion through a Consistent Visual Aesthetic

In other words, match up your socks... Or, let's not have Abstract Art for your portfolio thumbnails.

4. Here a Click, There a Click, Everywhere a Click, Click

Make links, not war.

5. You're in the Business of Problem Solving

Let the Hiring Manager or Recruiter know what problems the projects in your portfolio solved by titling or sub-titling your projects.

6. Your Coding Process

After working in design and develoment for some time, you will become philosophically opinionated about how you do your work. This is your "process." Don't rush the development of your particular style; it must evolve on its own.

7. Don't Mock Them

Give the Hiring Manager more than mock-ups. Invite them in to see your work.

8. User Personas Drive User Stories Drive Web Design and Development

If your Design and Development was informed by User Personas, tell the story of its influence on the Projects in your Portfolio.

9. Don't be an Automaton

Stating the design requirements in a rote manner: not so good. Did into yourself and find which of those requirements sparked joy in you and really informed your design or code.

10. Write the story of the Project

Imagine you are a storyteller charged with gaining the attention of a busy audience hungry for engagement. They want to hear a story but do they want to hear yours?

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